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Real Estate Appraisal Pros, David Bond & Associates, have years of experience in the appraisal and review appraisal of a variety of properties including, but not limited to, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, multi-family residential, and special purpose real properties. We complete specialized appraisal assignments for condemnation purposes, rights of way, easements, pipelines, air space rights, businesses, and concessions. Other services include the determination of highest and best use, estimate construction costs, and the determination and quantifying of all types of depreciation from all sources. We provide analysis of major building components, determine their physical and economic lives and the proper maintenance schedules, if needed. Expert appraiser witness services for all appraisal issues and appraisals designed for court trials are available as well. We conduct market research, feasibility studies, demographic and absorption studies, perform complex financial analyses, cost/benefit analysis, economic rental forecasts, building and tenant improvement cost estimations, forecast income and expenses, and prepare pro formas for a variety of properties along with recommendations and all other things expected of professional appraisers.  With our longevity in the business, we have developed relationships with other experts that are able to perform appraisals of coins and other collectables.

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It’s these qualities that come to life in well-crafted appraisal reports filled with diligence, reporting, and analysis that lead to credible conclusions. That is what we do. We deliver a level and depth of service with unmatched communication, early and often.


We offer a wide range of cost-effective valuation services.  In an effort to provide you, the client, with more economical choices, rather than a voluminous narrative Appraisal Report, we may be able to provide a shorter Restricted Appraisal Report or use form reports standard within the profession. We can also provide desktop or drive-by appraisals for additional cost savings.


When education and experience matters, we are the professionals that will deliver timely and well supported appraisals that are defendable under the scrutiny of an appraisal review or in litigation.  Call us today if you have any questions or desire to discuss your individual needs. 



Certified General Appraiser License No. 001656

CA General Building Contractor License No. 434793

Real Estate Broker License Number: 00580597

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